Access Statement

Access Statement for the Harbourmaster, Aberaeron – July 2008

  1. Statement of Intent
    The Harbourmaster is a small hotel, restaurant and bar, offering a friendly service that is responsive to the needs of customers. In 2008 an extension known as the “Warehouse” was completed.
    Whilst the physical limitations of the original building may impose some constraints on what the Harbourmaster is able to do, the Harbourmaster fully intend to comply with current regulations and good practice. The Harbourmaster wishes to make the majority of their premises as accessible as possible, in line with local planning policy and the obligations imposed on the Harbourmaster as service providers under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the new extension has helped address some of these issues.
    In terms of the Harbourmaster’s ongoing management obligations under the DDA, the company intend to undertake regular staff training in order to ensure a continued accessible service.
    The nature of the building and conservation issues mean that it is impossible to make the upper floor of the original building fully accessible. The four new bedrooms in the “Warehouse” area are fully accessible via a lift and there is a designated wheelchair refuge. Additionally one of these bedrooms has been designed for use by wheelchair bound guests and includes an alarm system to summon help.
    The Harbourmaster intends to obtain feedback from regular clients in the form of informal discussions and a brief questionnaire.
  2. The Approach
    There is a ramp from street level to the new main entrance. It was designed in line with British Standard, and local planning requirements.
    Guide dogs are welcome in the bar and restaurant.
    The ground floor public areas are fully accessible.
  3. Car Parking
    There is a fully accessible car park for hotel residents at the rear of the building (with intercom buzzer entry to rear of building) and there is also on street parking close to the hotel, buzzer entry to rear of building. Within a short distance but still on level ground is a public car park with allocated bays for blue badge holders within a short distance.
  4. Counter/Service Area
    There is provision for a low counter at the hotel reception. A table service/assistance will be made available to all customers who are unable to safely carry/collect drinks from the bar and transport them to their table. Loose furniture will be moved by staff as necessary to maintain clear and safe access routes.
    The lighting over the reception area can be increased to assist staff and people who require a higher level of lighting to lip read.
    Hotel staff will assist with carrying of customer’s luggage if required.
  5. Toilet Facilities
    There are WC facilities on the ground floor which include an accessible toilet (left hand transfer). The space and layout of the toilet meet ‘former control’ requirements of the building regulations. The outward opening door to the toilet is located so as not to present a hazard to other people using the corridor.
    Baby changing facilities are located in the accessible toilet and the ladies toilet also.
  6. Décor
    The colour scheme will be chosen to highlight walls, floors, counter doors and ironmongery.
  7. Evacuation
    In an emergency, customers will evacuate through the entrance door. An alternatives exit area is also fully accessible. Staff will undergo basic training in evacuation procedures and will be responsible for getting customers out of the building. A fire alarm system is installed.
  8. Exit Doors
    In an emergency, customers will normally evacuate through the main entrance door. Both alternative exit areas are also fully accessible. Staff will undergo basic training in evacuation procedures and will be responsible for getting customers out of the building.
    As is generally the case in all buildings the lift should not be used in emergencies and there is therefore an area designed as a wheelchair refuge for such instances.
    A fire alarm system (with both audible and visual warnings) is installed. The fire doors at various locations are fitted with large lever handles with ‘fire exit’ pictorial signs.
  9. Staff Training
    Staff training in disability awareness will be undertaken as part of the Harbourmaster Hotel’s current on-going staff development programme.
    Staff training in disability awareness will be undertaken as part of the Harbourmaster’s current on-going staff development programme.
    The Harbourmaster is committed to undertaking a structured programme of regular reviews of new technologies, constructional developments and training to ensure that the on-going and evolving obligations imposed by the DDA are met.
  10. Other
    The town centre is within level walking distance of around three minutes.
    There is a local taxi service in Aberaeron which can be booked at reception.
    There is a regular bus service from the town in every direction.
    The nearest train station is at Aberystwyth some 16 miles away.